by Ashley Weeks Cart

It’s been a crazy trip and I am so grateful to be on my way back east. I’ve missed the girls like crazy. And James. And Ursa. And Hanna. And yes, even the chickens.

Los Angeles was limited to classes by day and dinners by night (I didn’t even get to take a peek at my beloved Pacifico! The shame!). I connected with some amazing west coast Ephs. And learned some kick ass photoshop and video skills thanks to Angela and Bri. Now I don’t have to spend so much of my budget hiring others to do what I learned in a crash course four days. Obviously, anything advanced I’ll leave to the pros, but at least I don’t need to use them for every single project or idea.

Besides being stupidly helpful and packed with many many skills, the classes were fun and tasty and beautiful. Winning all around. And I even made a new bloggy buddy, Marisa, over at New Dress a Day. She’s got big things going on over on her niche of the Interwebs. I highly recommend you take a gander. And she’s just too adorable, no?

Overall, two thumbs up! Fine holiday fun!

1. The most adorable teachers I’ll ever have, Angela and Bri
2. Where things went down. Warehouse style.
3. Ready to learn
4. Bri dropping some knowledge
5. Crazy tights. Madd video skillz.
6. Polka Dot Nation
7.  One ridiculously cool photo backdrop
8. Joy signing books. Saying HI.
9. My new jazz hands partner in crime, Marisa.