Sign Post // diy

Labor Day 2012 was, as always, a wild, exhausting affair. Most importantly, the Red Army was victorious, a feat that I had yet to witness in 9 years of Tomato War battle. *fist in air*

We’re in recovery mode and I shall have pictures and stories to share later this week. In the meantime, I can finally debrief our Wedding Sign Post, a collaborative effort by James, Kimmy and myself for a friend’s wedding in Vermont back in early July. Here was the result of our efforts.

I promised y’all a DIY blow by blow of its creation, so without further ado…

Boards for arrows
Wood post for signs
Scrap wood for base
Wood stain
Circular saw


1. Plan how many arrows you are going to need (i.e. how many locations/cities you’d like on your sign), and using a circular saw, cut the tips of each piece of wood board into the point of an arrow.

2. Then determine the height you’d like the sign to be, making certain that each of the arrows will fit comfortably on the post. Cut post and paint desired color. We opted for white. James also used four pieces of scrap wood to create base for the post. An easier option is to use a Christmas Tree stand and disguise with fabric or burlap or something of the like.

3. If desired, stain or paint the arrows. We stained our a dark brown.

4. For an artful touch, we painted the tips of the arrows with white. Then we used that same white paint to write in each of the cities/locations and their distance from the wedding reception. Be sure to determine what direction you need each of the arrows to point before painting. Then paint and nail each arrow to post in their respective places.

And voila! Sign complete! Below are two additional projects that Kimmy did for the bride and groom, including the dinner menu on a mirror painted with chalkboard paint, and the seating assignments written on an old window frame.

And here are a few other snaps of the festivities that I couldn’t resist sharing.

1. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head as bride and groom. A gift from yours truly.
2. Prepping for a day of bridesmaid’s duties and celebration.
3. Beautiful bride with her bitches ladies.
4. Weddings in barns are the best. It’s a fact.
5. Some of my favorite people on earth, looking pretty darn spiffy.
6. & 7. Candid sisters
8. James being James.
9. See #8.

Photos: Courtesy of Sabin Gratz Photography