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Month: September, 2012

Around the Farm // 9

But I can’t stop crying. My eyes won’t let me. I don’t have the muscles to stop crying. I need bigger muscles, Mommy.

Like mother. Like daughter. As my dear college roommate said in an email this week, I know you feel these things so deeply.

And that’s how the week has been, with posts on this blog providing some light and smiles to break the gloom. Fortunately, this weekend includes visits from said dear college roommate, the woman and friend who introduced me and James, and my amazingly courageous friend who was my colleague in my first job post-college. They’ll provide the light and smiles to sandwich Saturday’s funeral services.

And yet another trip to the apple orchard sure won’t hurt either.

Big hugs to you this weekend. Be sure to give those you love an extra squeeze.

1. Just horsing around. Har har.
2. Reading in our play room
3. This kid. Those eyes. She takes my breath away.
4. Amelia or Emilio? The jury’s still out. All we know is that s/he survived quite the scuffle with Hanna.
5. Oh bath time with sisters
6. New lights in our bedroom! And one of my favorite prints, ever. Although we need to upgrade to this one.
7. Wonder Dog who has successfully taken over the couch knowing that her mama and papa will not say no to three-legged cancer dog. Clever beast.
8. A surprise courtesy of James and Sunny
9. Playing dress up with our new ballet gear. She’s totally ready for The Nutcracker.
10. Making Auntie Kimmy (and her FGM and Ann Mae) proud
11. Addison Weeks
12. Courtland Whaley
13. Holed up in the Adirondacks. Getting their fall on.

I luv Luvs

This is advertising at work.

We only use disposable diapers when we’re traveling and at night, but you better believe that from here on out Courtland’s bum will be swaddled in Luvs.

Breastfeeding FTW! And truth, friends, truth.

Cliff Belts // giveaway

To help brighten up an otherwise gloomy week, here’s a treat for you to win a sweet something something for your closet. Thanks, Cliff Belts!

Skinny belts, y’all. They’re so hot right now. And, given that I tend to purchase incredibly oversized, forgiving tees and dresses for my wardrobe, I’ve found the skinny belt to be an essential accessory to bump my style from hobo to hobo chic. A skinny gives a quick shape to these otherwise baggy ensembles without overwhelming or distracting from the look. That’s my kind of style. So why not invest in a belt that’s not only an easy addition to your closet but looking out for Mama Earth? Enter: Cliff Belts. Another Eph business, this line of accessories is made from cork from the bark of trees, so it’s like sheering wool from a sheep. Nifty, eh? And they’re expanding the line to bags… so keep an eye on this burgeoning biz.

To enter to win a skinny belt in the color of your choosing:

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• then, come back here and leave a comment below telling me how you’d rock a skinny belt. I love cinching one around a simple cotton dress to give some shape. 

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The winner will be chosen next Friday, October 5th at 12pm EST. Open worldwide. Total Value: Up to $50.


Around the Farm // 8

To honor Gil’s life, we spent yesterday afternoon playing in the golden September sunlight and digging in the dirt and running through the grass and soaking up the perfect fall day. I’ve been itching to capture some live video of the girls (human, canine and fowl) on Cartwheel Farm, and the crystal blue sky and painted autumn leaves gave me the necessary jolt of inspiration.

Also, my newly acquired video skills thanks to Blogshop needed to be put to the test. I still have so much to learn when it comes to shooting and editing video, but I’m excited to incorporate moving images into this blog’s narrative. It adds a whole new dimension to the stories I’m trying to tell. This is an Around the Farm post in motion rather than told through still photography.

And yes, I realize that this song has been overdone but given my recent attachment to home as a theme, a place, and a state of being, I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate. Also? How amazing is our three-legged wonder dog? She hasn’t slowed down one bit. And, with recent happenings as a stark reminder, we’re enjoying every moment we have with her.

What do you think? Do you like? Does it give you a new perspective on life around the farm? Can you believe I used Photoshop to compile the entire video? Pretty cool!

And with that being said, this video and post are my entry in the Blogshop Photoshop contest. I’m going to need my own copy of Photoshop CS6 if I’m ever going to get a hang of this video thing and share more animated visuals of our life in Vermont.

For Gil

He died on a Tuesday. Surrounded by family. He was 42 years old.

Our beloved Donna once again has faced a loss so deep, and unexpected, and unimagineable that language fails me.

She said, “Now Jordan has his daddy.”

And I feel the physical pain and devastation that accompanies that truth. I know it’s just a fraction of what her own heart carries. How does she bear it with such grace and kindness?

I want to stomp around claiming that life is UNFAIR! Arbitrary and cruel!

And then I read this, They left me with your shadow, saying things like Life is not fair & I believed them for a long time. But today, I remembered the way you laughed & the heat of your hand in mine & I knew that life is more fair than we can ever imagine if we are there to live it.

And so I hold my babies closer. And kiss with intent. And say a thousand, I love yous. And thank yous thank yous thank yous. Because you never know. You just never know.

Style a la Cart // 4

More distraction with style! I’ll let photography and funky, beautiful jewelry occupy my otherwise heavy mind, a thank you!

I’ve been enamoured with Orly Genger ever since I helped curate the show Material World at MASSMoCA, which featured her work Big Boss (a series of oversized, heavy, woven red rope that consumed the gallery space). She launched a line of jewelry with her pal, Jaclyn Mayer, back in 2010, and a number of my utility cord DIY projects have been inspired by their collections.

Imagine my delight when they sent me a package brimming with selections from their Fall/Winter 2012 line to style and photograph. Too. Much Fun. As you can see, I’m completely obsessed with the Annabelle bracelets and McIntosh Necklace sets. The jewelry is so wearable and comfortable while also being sturdily crafted and absolutely stunning. I dare you to try to wear one their pieces and not receive comments and compliments everywhere you go.

Shop ’em: Annabelle Bracelet by Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer; McIntosh Necklace Set from Pourporter

Currently Gawking

Some inspiration and motivation on this otherwise sad day. Family Routine print available from Designed Good.

In order to distract myself from all the heartbreaking things going on around me, I’ve compiled a ridiculous style board inspired by Sunny’s inaugural ballet class this afternoon. I wonder what her teachers would say if she arrived in this? While it may be impractical, she’d sure be a star.

Shop ’em: 1. Star Jacket by Mini Rodini; 2. Pouf Headband by Janie & Jack; 3. Grey Tutu from Splendid Avenue; 4. Sequins Top from Shan and Toad; 5. Birds Tights from minikin; 6. Metallic Leather Ballet Flats by crewcuts

Remember how I attended Blogshop? Well, this post is my entry into the Blogshop Photoshop contest! My fingers are madly crossed! I have so many new ideas for this blog, not the least of which is crazy outfit scheming for the girls.

Though she be but little, she is fierce.

It was a quintessential fall weekend in Vermont. Family gathered and celebrations were had to honor our darling second born. Happy tears were shed as beautiful, touching words were spoken. We focused our hearts and minds on Courtland and the stability and sense of  home that she, and life in Vermont, have brought to our lives.

Unfortunately, our hearts were also distracted, as people we love faced  (and continue to combat) unimaginable heartache. Our babysitter’s husband has taken a turn for the worst. And my dear friend is having very scary complications with her pregnancy of 21 week old twin girls. I am feeling the physical weight of the sadness and helplessness that comes from such circumstances. And it makes me feel all the more grateful and blessed to have such loving, loyal family and friends in our lives. And all the more thankful for weekends such as this, which allow us to gather together, and be with one another, and put to words the often difficult language of love.

The back of my throat burns and my stomach aches as, once again, joy and sadness slam head first into one another. Oh to be alive and to love. *insert yet another maudlin cliche here*

The lovely Kate documented the ceremony and festivities. These images are just a few from our camera after Kate’s depature. More professional pictures forthcoming. 

1. The girl of the hour. As sweet as ever. As busy as ever.
2. Checking out her new swanky boots from her Ghillie.
3. Do they make these in my size? Find them over at Joy Folie.
4.  Two second borns. Kimmy and Kaki. Coloring.
5. Our Vermont gardener in action.
6. Her favorite place on the farm, in the dirt.
7. These kicks are also thanks to Ghillie and Joy Folie. They read: Though she be but little, she is fierce. Does that describe our Courtland or what?
8.  Outfit from Persnickety’s Fall 2012 Collection. 
9. Kimmy’s rocker pink tips.
10. Matching sisters. It doesn’t get much cuter.

Around the Farm // 7

1. It feels so good to be back among our flock of dependents.
2. Sunny and her swings
3. Kaki and her (new) kicks. The kid is a serious big foot.
4. Danger baby, per usual.
5. Oh those eyes!
6. The newest addition to the girls’ picture wall is this sweet line up of prints from Minted (another Eph run business!) thanks to these adventures.
7. I adore the one that reads: SOME THINGS TAKE TIME. Ain’t it the truth?
8. And this amazing wooden rocking horse now resides in the girls’ play room thanks to Kaki’s FGPs.