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Month: May, 2012


Ursa is out of surgery. Awake. And she’s already evacuated! All great news. It’s like a return to life with a newborn. I’ll be championing every bowel movement and successful meal consumption.

She’ll rest at the Vet’s tonight and tomorrow we’ll pick up our girl and our tripawd journey will truly begin.

Thank you all for your amazing comments, thoughts, and emails. You have all brightened a very difficult day.

My Girl

Today is the day.

Keep her in your thoughts. Our beautiful girl is about to become a beautiful tripawd.

Photos: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart

Rope Lampshade

Our new home has exactly one overhead light. Period. End of sentence.

As in, my eyes have now adapted to that of a great nocturnal beast and our computer, while handy for surfing ye ol’ Internets, procrastinating on Facebook, and photo editing, is best used as a night light.

To help improve these dark times, James and I hit a local second hand furniture store and purchased two hideous $10 floor lamps.

To revive these rather dreary additions to our household, I promptly removed the plastic from one of the offending shades, and wrapped some repurposed rope I’d impulsively purchased for $5 on The rope was far too interesting to resist. And at that price! I knew the occasion to DIY would eventual present itself.

Thank you home with no lighting and ugly furniture finds!

It was honestly that simple, as captured by some appropriately dull iPhone snaps.

The rope twisted and was rather bulky and unwieldy, so it took some time to wrangle, but otherwise, I just wrapped, knotted, snipped and BOMB! A multicolored explosion for our study.

Now the computer can be used for such important activities like blogging about lamp shades and the lamp can take care of the lighting.

Now I need to decide how to revive the second hideous lamp shade… until then, it looms gloomily in my bedroom. I’m hoping that its daily presence will provide inspiration and motivation for DIY action. Results forthcoming…

Photos: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart

Currently Playing

My boys over at Darlingside have done it again.

Another beautiful song that has become the anthem for getting me through this tough time.


This email could not have come at a better moment. It was sent mere hours after learning of Ursa’s diagnosis, prior to informing said friend of what was going on with our family.

I’d say that this is the sign of a damn beautiful friendship.

Currently Reading

Thank you, Meg, for putting this on my radar:

The problem is also that under current social, economic, and cultural conditions, no matter what one chooses, there will be costs:  for stay at home mothers, increased economic vulnerability and dependence on their spouses, which can decrease their exit options and thus their power in their marriages; for working mothers, the high costs of quality child care and difficulty keeping up at work with those who either have no children or have spouses at home taking care of them, which exacerbates the wage gap and keeps the glass ceiling in place.

In the heart of commencement season, this piece strikes a cord. This young woman was wise beyond her (too few) years:

This scares me. More than finding the right job or city or spouse – I’m scared of losing this web we’re in. This elusive, indefinable, opposite of loneliness. This feeling I feel right now.

Fellow Eph and pal on The Brash Hypocricy of Lanny Davis:

Anyway, I was content with my little joke, a glancing arrow shot lamely at the giant beast that is Washington’s disgusting culture. And I moved on. But then, yesterday afternoon, Lanny Davis tweeted a response.


The Whaleys

Miss Courtland Whaley inherited the majority of her looks from her Papa, which feels appropriate given their shared middle name.

This inheritance ensures a life of beet red faces, SPF 80 sunscreen, and the propensity to sweat buckets such that one appears freshly showered after even mild physical exertion. But it also guarantees stunning blue eyes, hair color that people pay hundreds of dollars to emulate, and life long youthfulness and adorableness. She could be doing a lot worse.

Green Thumb

The only proper Vermonter in this family is proving to have quite the green thumb.


This will fill you with unbridled joy. I promise.

I can’t wipe the stupid grin off my face after watching this. I dare you to try and note smile like a total fool.


A Hognose Snake Treat

Sunny: A hognose snake would like to eat this toad.

Her Ranger would be so proud.