Woven Ribbon Table Runner

by Ashley Weeks Cart

After a whirlwind morning in the wake of this article’s launch, hopped up on caffeine and 2 hours of sleep, I (and 2 colleagues) pulled off a luncheon baby shower for Kaki’s fairy godmother on behalf of our office (the bigger shower is this coming Saturday). We kept it simple. Some playful pink and green balloons and cupcakes. Always cupcakes.

I whipped up this faux table runner with spools of 3″ ribbon to present said sugary goodness. Seven ribbons across, six ribbons down – woven between each other in alternating pink and green. While I don’t have a formal tutorial to show for it, it’s easy enough to do that I thought this photo might provide some inspiration for all you party planners out there.


You can find more pix of the affair on Instagram @igalacart