Week 31

by Ashley Weeks Cart

Sweet lordy, we’re behind. But I promise I shot these images last Saturday. Pinky swear, even.

Now why don’t you come over and we’ll braid each others hair and gossip about boys?  Sunny will join us. Because she now only functions with two braids firmly planted on her head. But James isn’t allowed, because he pulls. And it hurts. Silly boy.

So, it’s busy. I’m currently writing this with Kaki latched to the right boob, feverishly pulling my much shortened hair (still long enough for tug-o-war, apparently) and pinching and gripping any loose skin within reach (re: my now very saggy bosoms). When she isn’t fitfully sucking and biting and grabbing and expressing her general discomfort and frustration with teething, she’s spending her time in plank pose, trying to figure out how the hell to propel her body forward without once again landing squarely on her head.

Also, we’re on the verge of some very exciting news.

And no, I am not pregnant, MOM.

If all goes accordingly to plan, I’ll share the happy announcement here.

If not, you can come over and we’ll braid each others hair and drown our feelings in tubs of Ben and Jerry’s.

Sunny is gunning for the latter scenario. Anything in the name of ice cream.

Courtland: 31 weeks
Addison: 34 months