Kaki’s Style, no. 9 // Redfish Kid’s

by Ashley Weeks Cart

{Marley Play Set in Soft Pink: Redfish Kids; Socks: Trumpette}

This baby can now sit up unassisted. She knows how to activate those core muscle like a Pilates star. You should see her boat pose.

I wish I could make similar claims, but alas, postpartum recovery the second time around is proving more of a challenge than after the first. And I’ll never dare touch a jump rope. Ever again. No amount of kegeling can remedy that situation.


Now that Kaki can sit up – nay, go from lying down to sitting up ON HER OWN – we were able to snap pictures of her rocking the Marley Play Set from Redfish Kids. Equally as sweet and adorable as the dress Sunny wore a few weeks back.

And I cannot get enough of the puffy pants. Such fun!

My lord she is pale, JAMES.

I’m waiting for her to throw up that right leg in Jane Fonda like style.

Howdy, crawler!

Photos: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart
Clothing: Courtesy of Redfish Kids