Hole Reinforcement Envelope Liners

by Ashley Weeks Cart

I know, I know. Another DIY Envelope Liner tutorial. What can I say? I’m on a roll. Arguably, these aren’t proper liners, but a colorful pop of surprise for the inside of the envelopes.

Fun in a letter, if you will.

I certainly shall.

I started this project because of something I have planned for the upcoming baby shower, thus the majority of the liners I did in the color scheme of the shower’s invitations (since that’s informing the whole party).

Then, with the leftover envelopes and reinforcements, I made a rainbow colored spread for my future snail mailings.

Lawd do I love me a good rainbow explosion. Don’t worry, Kimmy, I totally made a pack for you, too.

Here’s what you need to tackle this simple but playful project.

Sharpies, or colored pencils, or crayons, or paint, or the coloring device of your choosing
Hole reinforcements

1. Use said coloring device to color in the hole reinforcements. I put a rainbow pack of Sharpies to work.

2. Stick the colored reinforcements onto the inside of the envelope.

3. Enjoy!

And get to writing some letters! Put that pen to work! Exercise that literary muscle!

I also experimented with crayons, although I wasn’t as pleased with the result.

Perhaps for a different project, with different colors… for another time.

These little liners serve as a lovely compliment to the water drop patterning from the invitation, no?

And I know they’ll add a little sumfin sumfin to the party. I’m all about the extra flourishes and details. That’s where the fun lives.

(At least in my neurotic mind!)

Now onward to the next bit of party decor…

Photos & Tutorial: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart