Dragon Baby Shower Invite

by Ashley Weeks Cart

As I mentioned in my DIY Envelope Liner post, I’m planning a baby shower for Courtland’s Fairy Godmother. Now that the invite is in the hands of the guest of honor, I feel I can reveal the adorable design put together by Chloe Marty (the creative mind behind Kaki’s Remember The Day canvas).

I asked Chloe to design a dragon-themed invite because despite many hours spent combing through Google, I had yet to find a dragon design that worked for a baby shower. Why dragons, you ask? Well, this little one is being born in the Year of the Dragon, specifically the Water Dragon (thus the reference to water drops in the design) – so I wanted to run with that reference. I ADORE the idea of the Dragon as Stork! I have Chloe to thank for that brilliant idea, as my mind had been circling around baby dragons.

The color palette we developed is what I’ll be using for the shower. I knew I wanted to use a rich pink and turquoise, and dug Chloe’s suggestion of including red as well.

I’m so pleased with the result. And now I’m having a blast scheming the party decor and plans with this invite as my inspiration. I will reveal all those details after the shower so as not to ruin any surprises. But if you know someone expecting in 2012 – may I suggest this theme?  Yes, I may. You can contact Chloe here. If you’re looking for a diaper cake, you can find them at eDiaperCakes.com.

Designs by Chloe Marty
Photos: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart