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by Ashley Weeks Cart

I first heard this song in July of 2009, seven weeks after Addison’s birth, on the porch of my childhood home. Dave and Auyon played an acoustic version, a skeleton of the song it was to become, as I swayed across the boards of that porch with my firstborn cradled quietly in my arms.

I’ll never forget that feeling. It’s the closest I’ve ever come to being completely at peace. Watching Sunny and Courtland meet for the first time is the only other moment that resonates on that same level.

This will always be my favorite song. It transports me to a favorite moment in time. And always will.

If you don’t know Darlingside. You really should. This group of guys is amazing. For so very many reasons, not the least of which is the gift of this song and that moment. And the calm that they bring.

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