Envelope Liners

by Ashley Weeks Cart

Oh my obsession with stationery continues. I’ve designed invitations for a friend’s baby shower (the results of which I shall reveal after the invites have been mailed out so as not to ruin any surprises). While I wait for the printer to deliver the cards, I’ve been prepping the envelopes so I can drop them in the mail promptly.

I had a stackĀ  of scrap art paper, and purchased some inexpensive white notecard envelopes, and decided to DIY some liners for the envelopes, in between wiping up sick children’s puke. Yay!

I so adore the playful surprise of an envelope liner. In fact, my wedding invitation was lined with a paper that was embossed with our wedding date. It was such a subtle, lovely detail.

I think this simple DIY provides a similar taste of delight!

You cut the paper out using a template made from one of the envelopes. See animated GIF for how to cut the envelope to create the template!

You then cut the art paper out using the envelope template.

Slide the paper liner inside the envelope…

Secure with a glue stick. Allow to dry…

Bam! Envelope surprise!

I am drowning in a sea of colorful envelopes. And I love it.

With the excess paper from cutting out the liners I created jumbo confetti using a circle punch. Yet another unexpected treat hidden inside the envelope!

Photos: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart