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A Winter Walk

Sunday morning the sun was shining so I dragged my two first borns out for a walk with their Mama and her much neglected camera. The sun was deceiving, however, for despite its promises of warmth, we were faced with the reality of New England in February. We didn’t last very long. But I managed to snap these shots and put my Vitamin D deprived face in the rays.

Photos: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart

Woven Paper Heart // made with love

Sunny and I spent our Saturday afternoon crafting up a storm in preparation for Valentine’s Day. During this particular project, Sunny joyously glued strips of paper to one another, proclaiming that she was building an “airplane,” while I struggled to restrain myself from cussing up a storm due to the maddening patience it required to weave these hearts.

Was it worth it to infuse my daughter’s vocabulary with a bit more, um, color, shall we say? Absolutely. These Valentine’s Day cards are going to dominate the preschool classroom.

Expect a few more heart-related tutorials in the coming days.

Photos & Design: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart