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Glitter Shoes

While in New York City a few weekends back, I ran smack into a Kate Spade window display and began drooling in envy on impact.

Seriously, have you seen their GIVE COLORFULLY holiday campaign?

I was particularly smitten with their glittery KAROLINA shoe. Rather than drop $325 on some foot glitz, I opted to glam up two pairs of shoes that have been stashed in the bowels of my closet and needed a bit of a make over.


Photos: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart

Sunny’s Style, no. 9

She requested to be photographed atop her pink vinyl cow.

Why would I say no to such brilliance?

Also? I want this outfit in my size.

Cozy. Stylish. AWESOME.

Now we just need it in XXXXL for Mama.

If there’s a munchkin in your life that would enjoy the gift of cozy, stylish, awesome too – take 20% off your entire order from little society with code: 6HIKT4SBO7GG

You’re welcome.

Did I mention that all of their clothing is made from a blend of organic and recycled fabrics? Yeah, told ya it was awesome. Now off to holiday shop with you!

{Top & Pants: little society; Shoes: Carters; Nail polish: Hopscotch Kids in Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; Vinyl cow: Purchased at a store in LA, “For Rocker Moms, Not Soccer Moms.”}