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Month: November, 2011


Feelings. I’ve got ’em. In a maudlin and mellow dramatic way.

As I’m sure you’ve gathered, this is fairly standard for moi.

It’s the darker days.

It’s the baby who has absolutely no semblance of a schedule so James and I are like the walking dead because we can’t figure out how to get the kid to sleep the hours of the average working human. C’mon 3 month old! Get with the daily grind!

What? A Mama can dream, right?

It’s the holiday season, which in and of itself wields enough nostalgia-provoking power to drown my weepies in a cup of egg nog.

Watching Addison joyously and enthusiastically hang Christmas ornaments, from my childhood, on our tree, by my father’s side? Let’s just say that I had to excuse myself to the bedroom so I could ugly cry in peace, and away from the eyes of others who might make commentary on the puffy-eyed results.

Also, big transitions are happening chez Cart. It started on Monday when Addison headed off to her first day of preschool. James and I decided earlier in my maternity leave that it would be best for both Sunny and myself if she started going to school a couple days a week before the end of my leave. She needed the space to play and be in an environment surrounded by all things toddler-friendly. And I needed a break from the chaos and crazy that is parenting a toddler. Yesterday, someone on Twitter said, “Toddlerhood is essentially human nature without the frills.” Agreed. But human nature ain’t always such an easy or pretty thing. HAVE YOU READ THE LORD OF THE FLIES?! Case in point.

So off to school she went. Tears were shed. Arguably I cried more when I got home than she did at my departure. This milestone feels momentous. Bigger than the first word. Or the first step. Or the first poop in the adult potty.

When I arrived at the end of the day to pick her up, she gave me a casual wave from across the park and then continued to play. My heart simultaneously swelled and broke. So grown up. So independent. So content to play on her own. Everything a parent wants and dreads wrapped up in a single moment.

This morning, as we packed her bag for school, she whimpered and said that she didn’t want to go. I reminded her about all the fun that she’d had on Monday, and she paused for a moment, contemplated what I had said, and looked up at me with tear-filled eyes and said, “Mommy, did Nemo go to school?”

Why of course he did!

This realization was enough to turn off the faucet. She merrily carried her lady bug lunch sack out the door and said, “I love you, Mommy. See you later!”

She’s growing up so beautifully.

To think that I played even a small role in that is an overwhelmingly humbling and emotional reality.

And, lastly, James and I have made the decision that I’ll be returning to work three weeks earlier than I had originally planned. Financially, we just can’t swing it. That’s the trade-off to being younger parents. Younger parents with jobs that have family-friendly hours and benefits. We don’t have the financial heft behind us. So back to work I go.

I know that I have the most ideal work situation and environment imaginable. The most supportive and accommodating bossman. The easiest commute on Planet Earth.

My heart just hasn’t caught up to my head yet on this one.

I’ll get there. And in the meantime there is a tub of ice cream in the freezer with my name on it.

I eat my feelings. Attractive, no?

What’s cuter than a baby in a bath?

A baby in a flower bath. No. Joke.

It’s even adorable when Courtland’s hair gets wet and she turns into a creepy, greasy old man.

And the flower keeps her happy even when big sister is dumping water all down her face and into her eyes.

It’s particularly perfect for photo shoots in our round crib. My most favorite item of furniture in our entire home.

Practical. I know.

When Courtland outgrows the crib, it’s going to stay in the bedroom as a memorial to the girls’ babyhoods. Which isn’t creepy in the least. Nope. Even when filled with outgrown onesies and baby shoes. Not weird at all.

Anyway, let’s ignore my idiocracies and focus on the baby. On a plush flower. In a round crib.

Pretty awesome.

Jump straight to Blooming Bath to make the purchase of ridiculous adorableness. Beyond being cute, they are terribly practical and keep baby happy and safe and wiggle-free during bath time. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up from Family Cart!

Chalkboard Wine Glasses


So. Much. Phone. Envy.




Procuring a Christmas tree

It looked a little something like this. Alas, I do not have the energy to post anything more substantive than that.

But our house is festive, y’all. And Sunny got major kicks out of hanging ornaments this year. Now if only she’d stop treating the ice cream cone ornament as though it were edible. A styrofoam bowel movement cannot be a comfortable endeavor.

And this is why I’m steering clear of writing anything further. Away from overshares and onward to Christmas trees!


Pine Cone Christmas Tree


Glitter Shoes

While in New York City a few weekends back, I ran smack into a Kate Spade window display and began drooling in envy on impact.

Seriously, have you seen their GIVE COLORFULLY holiday campaign?

I was particularly smitten with their glittery KAROLINA shoe. Rather than drop $325 on some foot glitz, I opted to glam up two pairs of shoes that have been stashed in the bowels of my closet and needed a bit of a make over.


Photos: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart

Sunny’s Style, no. 9

She requested to be photographed atop her pink vinyl cow.

Why would I say no to such brilliance?

Also? I want this outfit in my size.

Cozy. Stylish. AWESOME.

Now we just need it in XXXXL for Mama.

If there’s a munchkin in your life that would enjoy the gift of cozy, stylish, awesome too – take 20% off your entire order from little society with code: 6HIKT4SBO7GG

You’re welcome.

Did I mention that all of their clothing is made from a blend of organic and recycled fabrics? Yeah, told ya it was awesome. Now off to holiday shop with you!

{Top & Pants: little society; Shoes: Carters; Nail polish: Hopscotch Kids in Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; Vinyl cow: Purchased at a store in LA, “For Rocker Moms, Not Soccer Moms.”}

And the matching of outfits begins…

Many thanks to Momar! Right down to the matching black patent leather shoes.


In James’ Eye

Our Thanksgiving and Christmas tree procurement courtesy of James and his fancy pants iPhone.