Rainy Cloud Mobile

by Ashley Weeks Cart

Time for some updates on the kids’ room! Now that The Sesame Seed has arrived, and my hands are more than full, September’ will be devoted to unveiling the final pieces of the the girls’ bedroom redesign

Today’s DIY Rainy Cloud Mobile has been many months in the works. When I landed on Mochimochiland‘s insanely adorable knit niche of the Interwebs, I knew I needed an excuse to put one of her patterns to use. Enter: Rainycloud. I saw this little guy and decided that a rainy cloud mobile would be fitting hung over the umbrella covered love seat we’d put in the room. Since I wanted to keep with the “rainbow explosion” theme, I made each of the raindrops a different color (using up small balls of yarn I had lying around from previous knitting projects). I then used the inner circle of an embroidery hoop to hang each of the clouds from translucent fishing line. I’m pretty pleased with the result, and Sunny is thrilled. And that’s the opinion that matters most in this whole affair!

Photos: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart