Card Memento Book

by Ashley Weeks Cart

Everyone says that the first born in the family has the most thorough documentation of her early years of life. Look at any family’s photo albums and you’ll find that Baby #1 by far exceeds subsequent siblings representation in these books. The first has the undivided attention of her parents. No pesky siblings to distract from Mama’s collaging efforts or Daddy’s focus behind the lens. This blog is very much a testament to that. Addison has two years worth of material that is solely focused on her.

Knowing this, however, I’ve been trying very hard to ensure that Courtland has mementos and documentation of her childhood that, while different due to her placement in the family, is still meaningful and distinctly hers. I’m going to try my darnedest to write 24 monthly birthday letters to her. And while she’ll often have to share the camera frame with her sister, I want to be sure that we have plenty of footage of her as a little one. My maternity series and the Weekly Growth Series are both unique projects inspired by her arrival. While I had far more time to catalogue and collage photos, cards, and mementos of Sunny’s infancy, I whipped up this little book the other day in an effort to save special cards and letters from family and friends to baby sister Courtland.

This is an easy DIY project for any parent. Promise. And a simple way to contain all those sweet cards that descend on your home upon baby’s arrival.

Photos by Ashley Weeks Cart