by Ashley Weeks Cart

I had great plans to write a post with my memories of that day 10 years ago. But life and raising a family has gotten in the way.

It dawned on me yesterday that I’m living in the very same place I was on the day of the attacks. It’s strange because the 20s is such a transient period in one’s life and so much has happened in the past decade. All my biggest life events have happened in the past 10 years: Meeting and marrying James. Two cross country moves. A Bachelor’s degree. A Master’s degree. Two dogs. Two children.

And yet here I am. In this safe and idyllic Purple Bubble. My father emailed me on the morning of September 11, 2001 expressing his relief that I was living in such a protected and nurturing place. He knew I was safe and in a community that would support me in the aftermath.

As a parent today, I understand and relate to his words, that email, more than ever. It’s that kind of sentiment that prompted me and James to leave LA and raise our family nestled back in this Purple Valley.

Today, my heart aches.

One day I’ll tell my girls about that day. I’m just grateful it doesn’t have to be today. That they get to hold on to their innocence a little bit longer. An innocence we all lost on that day 10 years ago.

My heart is with all those that lost loved ones in those tragic events, particularly with my dearest friend and her family. We love you, Devita. And are holding you in our hearts today more than ever.