Tassel Earrings

by Ashley Weeks Cart

Whether browsing the Interwebs or window shopping, everywhere I look I see tassel jewelry. It is definitely a trending fashion accessory for fall. I rounded up some of my favorite designs and simply put them to the DIY test. Here’s an easy tutorial so you can whip up your own and your ears can rock it this autumn.

NOTE: This was the DIY project I tackled during the early stages of labor with Courtland. You can read about it here or see the visual evidence here.

Embroidery thread or cording
Earring hooks
Jewelry rings
Gold or silver cord
Clear nail polish

1. Cut the thread or cord in 8-10″ lengths (depending on how dangle-y you want the tassel). For 5″ dangle, cut 10″. For 4.5″ dangle, cut 9″. You get the idea.

2. Create two stacks with 25-35 pieces of cut cord or thread (or even more depending on how bulky you want the tassel).

3. Slide each stack through a jewelry ring, folding in half. Attach ring to earring hooks.

4. Use gold or silver cord to wrap the tassels at various points in the strand. I secured my wraps using clear nail polish – a perfect adhesive if I do say so myself.

5. Now, literally dangle from your ears!

And here’s the version with embroidery thread and two wraps of gold:

Photos: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart