Rope Bracelet

by Ashley Weeks Cart

ANNOUNCEMENT: A select number of these bracelets are available for sale here.

I know, I know, MORE friendship bracelets. I can’t stop myself. I am a friendship bracelet making machine. My 9-year old self would be so proud!

I’ve been itching to make some Utility Cord friendship bracelets. Rather than spend over $100 on one of the designer versions I’ve seen around the Interwebs, I whipped up my own in under 20 minutes. Easy peasy.

Utility cord
Binder clips
S hook
Lighter or matches to burn tips of rope

To make the purple and blue bracelets, I tied a Solomon Bar using the video tutorial from Tying It All Together’s YouTube channel. There are tons of beautiful knot tutorials over there. You could really go nuts experimenting with different kinds of cord and knot-tying techniques. To make the bracelet, I used circular binder clips instead of the rings pictured in the video so that I could attach the clips to one another. They serve as the clasp to the bracelet. After tying the full bar, I cut the line and burned the ends with a lighter to secure. Statement bracelets in under 10 minutes and for under $2. Not bad, eh?

To create the yellow S hook bracelet, I simply followed the tutorial from Honestly, WTF?. Easy and inexpensive, as well. I can’t tell you the amount of attention these received when I wore them to work! Far better than dropping $100+ on a trendy piece of jewelry – and impressive to be able to say, hey, I MADE THIS!

Photos: Ashley Weeks Cart