Cushion Cover

by Ashley Weeks Cart

First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIMMY! I hope it is filled with lots of warm, salty breezes and time out on the ocean, two of your most favorite things. Oh, and cake WITHOUT the frosting. Because I know how you roll. In fact, let’s just make it a strawberry shortcake, preceded by a slab of steak.


Today’s DIY is a total cop out as I had ZERO to do with its creation besides selecting and purchasing the fabric. I know that I haven’t shared much of the Kids Room Redesign as, quite honestly, that project has been on hold as we made our way through wedding, graduation, and reunion season. Now that that time is behind us, expect more progress on this front!

I had purchased this adorable umbrella fabric nearly two months ago and then promptly handed it off to a far more talented and savvy seamstress than myself; a dear friend who offered to teach me how to sew a cushion cover for the love seat that I had put in the room. The love seat is a family piece that will eventually be Kimmy’s (when she has a home with room for it), so I didn’t want to invest in reupholstering something that was ultimately not mine. Plus, a cushion cover is easy to launder when little ones drool and smear dirty hands and do other unsavory things to the fabric.

After weeks of being stuck with a cushion and pile of fabric in her home, Geraldine took the project upon herself and surprised us with its completion upon our return home from a wedding in western PA. After a 1,000 mile round trip journey, this couldn’t have been a more welcome surprise. It’s positively adorable. And I swear one day I’ll actually sit down and have Geraldine teach me some basic skills with a sewing machine.

For now, I’ll just be grateful to have talented friends in my midst that so graciously take care of such projects on my behalf.

Thanks, Geraldine!





Best of all, it’s perfect for bed time stories and snuggling and will easily accommodate an additional family member in a mere six weeks!