Monkey Birthday Party

by Ashley Weeks Cart

We celebrated Sunny’s 2nd birthday with a monkey themed party! Despite some inclement weather that drove the party indoors, it was indeed bananas and everyone enjoyed monkeying around. Here is an overview of the celebration.

Kimmy made some truly glittery, wonderful banners.

And then we added to her decor with other monkey accents and pink and yellow delights.

We even made the bar for the adults monkey themed. We served pink champagne and I and my fellow pregnant guest drank mango juice and sparkling water.

We had a table of monkey treats for the kids including Curious George bubbles, monkey coloring pages with crayons tucked in monkey cups, the monkey party favor hats and monkey-faced Play Doh. Kimmy was clearly disappointed that Ash didn’t make her a monkey hat in her size.

By far our favorite moment was when all of the kids wore their crocheted monkey hats. Sunny was the least cooperative of the bunch, but when distracted by the singing of happy birthday, candles, and her monkey cake, we managed to snap this series.

One of our dear friends knit Sunny her very own sock monkey. He blended in wonderfully with the rest of our plush monkey guests.

We served:
– Monkey Cake made courtesy of our dad, Sunny’s grandfather. Inspired by Martha Stewart’s recipe.

Monkey Cake Pops
– Banana Cream Pudding using Magnolia Bakery’s recipe. Many thanks to our guest, Denise, for providing this yumminess.

Sunny thought the entire affair was quite the success. And isn’t that what matters most?

Photos: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart