Hex Nut Bracelet

by Ashley Weeks Cart

Kimmy recently sent me a link with the subject line: “DIY meets Home Depot!”

Needless to say, I was intrigued.

I clicked and was taken to Honestly… WTF. How I had not discovered this fabulous niche of the Internet earlier, I do not know. The specific link that Kimmy had sent to me was for a DIY Braided Hex Nut Bracelet. It’s inspired by the line of Hex jewelry by Giles & Brother.  At $175 a bracelet, I can see the appeal of tackling a DIY version.

The Giles & Brother’s Hex Bracelet for $175

I headed to the local hardware store and picked out 18 hex nuts in a silver brush finish. The man at check out asked me what I was using them for because they might not fit what a traditional hex nut fits due to their finish. I laughed and told him I was using it for a jewelry project and thus did not need them to serve a functional purpose. For a whooping $2, I was on my way to a Hex Nut Bracelet of my own. You can head on over to Honestly… WTF for the full tutorial.

This is what my process looked like. I’m so rocker mom, not soccer mom, eh? It’s certainly not as refined as the Giles & Brother’s version, but a fraction of the cost.