Poster Hangers

by Ashley Weeks Cart

As you may have gathered from our recent posts, wedding season is in full swing for the Ulmer sisters. The past two weekends have found us celebrating friends’ nuptials, and that’s only just the beginning. With weddings, of course, come wedding gifts. And boy oh boy can that add up! To keep expenses down, but keep the gifts unique and personal, we’ve purchased a number of Ork posters corresponding to the various cities where the couples either live or met.

The designs are rad. The price is right. The perfect wedding gifts they are.

In order to avoid the added expense of framing, and to maintain the raw poster look, we experimented with two neat and affordable means of hanging the posters. One method requires four small binder clips, and the other, a pant hanger. Seriously, it’s that simple.

I think the images speak for themselves in terms of how to execute these hanging methods. Pretty cool (and easy), eh?