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Upon snapping this photo she demanded, “Sunny see Sunny. Sunny see Sunny!” Apparently she knows she makes this look good.


How’d she get so grown that she’s now picking out her own outfits? (Which means she wears this sailboat tee by day, and Minnie Mouse PJs by night).


Drawing a cracked out Elmo is serious work indeed.

Love in the time of parenthood.

For Valentine’s Day I made James a coupon book. I know, not the most original of ideas, but with a baby on the way, and student loans, and well, LIFE, we decided that it was best to keep spending to a low.

Enter the homemade gift.

I thought I’d get all indie on this coupon book’s ass and print it on fabric paper and string it together into something more unique than just a couple sheets of construction paper.

I wound up with a stack of frayed white fabric with some writing scribbled on it.

It’s the thought that counts, right?

Now if the items contained in this coupon book aren’t proof enough that we’re married and have a young child, I don’t know what is.

Keep in mind that I consider ever single item in this book totally romantic. And would swoon in delight if James were to gift me with any of the following:

1. Activity of choice, and I won’t complain or say anything negative about said activity (which means I’m finally stuck going snow shoeing).

2. Sleeping in. No having to get up to let out the dogs, or change Sunny, or feed our hungry pack of beasts. I will actually perform all morning responsibilities while you rest. (Y’all, you have no idea how generous a gift this is).

3. Sex. (What? I’m pregnant with a low thyroid. Let’s just say that my libido has taken a bit of a hit.)

4. The meal of your choosing, which I will not only prepare, but CLEAN UP!

5. And finally, a day of no diaper duty or any kind of biological clean-up, of the child or canine variety.

Isn’t James a lucky man?

I think so, too.

Last Minute Valentines

I’ve spied so many quick and easy (and free) Valentine’s Day card slash gift ideas all over the Interwebs that I thought a quick round-up to kick off this day of love might be what fellow procrastinators like me would need. So dig in, and spread the love. Did I mention that they’re all free?

Smooches for all!

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