Crayon Splatter Tissue Paper

by Ashley Weeks Cart

I know, I know, a wrapping paper post, AFTER the holidays. But, y’all! I had to give this a try. As my husband predicted, our rescue pup Hanna devoured a number of Addison’s crayons that she received for Christmas, and left a waxy, colorful trail in her wake. I collected all the bits and pieces of crayon off the floor, and decided to use them as decoration for the mounds of tissue I have piled around the house as a result of the holidays. It gives the effect of splatter painting, which is the most fun ever, or confetti. Talk about festive! And as always, and most importantly, it’s easy!

Crayons (great way to use the final nubs of the box)
Tissue paper
Wax paper
Ironing board
Peeler (optional)


1. Lay out a piece of wax paper on the ironing board. Place a sheet of tissue paper on top of the wax paper.

2. Sprinkle the crayon bits around the sheet of tissue. You can use a peeler to create shavings. Keep the pieces fairly small as the wax will spread a great deal when the heat is applied.

3. Lay another sheet of tissue on top of the crayon splattered tissue.

4. Press hot iron against the tissue. Don’t rub. Just press and release. Press and release. Repeat until all wax bits are melted between the tissue.

5. When done, wipe off your iron with a moist cloth and allow the tissue to dry. Then, wrap to heart’s content.

BONUS DIY: Crayon Cookie
With the larger chunks of crayon, I tossed them in a mini muffin tin, preheated the oven to 350 degree F, threw the pan in, let the wax melt, pulled it out, let the wax cool, and VOILA! Crayon cookie for Addison to reuse! And she did mistake it for a cookie at first, and tried to feed it to her Elmo doll. Better than her eating it, I suppose.

Photo: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart