Scrap Fabric Sachet

by Ashley Weeks Cart

For this Christmas, I proposed the ever-brilliant idea that each of my family members contribute one item to every other family members’ stockings. My house, my rules! Right? RIGHT! However, now I have less than 3 days to come up with 5 stocking stuffers, and am scrabbling to live up to my own words. DRAT!

Fortunately, this DIY Scrap Fabric Sachet is an easy project and will make a lovely and sweet smelling addition to at least my mother and sister’s stockings. (Sorry Mom and Kimmy, totally ruining the surprise in the name of DIY Wednesday!) The chaos of the season explains the limited photos documenting the steps of this tutorial. But it’s simple, promise!

Now I just need to worry about those dang men in my life. Any brilliant ideas?

Scrap fabric
Scissors (preferably Pinking Shears)
Elmer’s glue
Dried lavender or other delicious dried, herbal yumminess

1. Choose two pieces of scrap fabric, one for the top of the sachet and one for the bottom. I prefer to use mismatched patterns to spice things up.

2. Cut the pieces into evenly sized squares using the Pinking Shears to give the edges of the sachets a nice ruffle.

3. Glue the two pieces together along three edges. Allow to dry. Be sure that the sides of the fabric you’d like showing are facing out.

4. Once the glue has dried, fill the sachet with a tablespoon or two of the dried herbs. Don’t over-stuff.

5. Glue the remaining edge to seal the sachet. Allow to dry.

6. Repeat the above twice more to make three sachets total. Then stack the sachets as a trio of yummy herbal pillows, and bundle together with a ribbon.

7. Toss in a “delicates” drawer or a stocking, and let the relaxing scent of lavender take hold!

Photo: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart