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Month: December, 2010


Her first snowman. HUG! KISS! LOVE!


The grimace, as usual. Ruining photos since 2010.


Why am I standing in all of this snow? And why is daddy rolling huge balls around and stacking them on top of each other?


Someone’s excited to ring in the New Year. She’s got a new look and everything.

2011: Some Goals

2010, you were quite the year of transition. A cross country move. A new job. A Master’s degree. A one-year old. A new furry family member. A goodbye to our childhood home. A parent injured and bunking chez nous. It was a doozie of a year.

I feel like I need to pop a Valium to recover from just writing out that list. Oof.

Here’s to a 2011 where we can fully enjoy our life in the Berkshires and continued proximity to family and friends.

Some basic goals and continued wishes for the New Year:

1. Imagine the impossible. And spend more time at the beach. And in a sailboat. For god’s sake your parents and sister live in Woods Hole.

2. Never be afraid to be ridiculous. And continue to find joy in the snow. It’s the only thing that will get you through the winter.

3. Keep laughing. And being yourself. However absurd that may be.

4. Take time for yourself. Away from the computer. In the solitude of a walk. Or book. Or just your thoughts.

5. Breathe. It doesn’t get any better than being in the moment. Stop worrying so much about tomorrow. What you have here and now is more than enough, and then some.

And remember, clean sheets and a shower will always rejuvenate you. Put your face in the sun. You hear me? I don’t care if it’s -20 degrees outside, if the sun is out, slap on some sunscreen and soak up that Vitamin D. Stop picking your nails and face. You’re too old for this. Your skin can’t recover like it could when you were 16, and those nails make you look like you’re a 12 year old boy. Veggies are your friend. And you will never be disappointed if you raise your heartbeat once a day. We’ll leave the manner in which you do that open to interpretation and your mood. And keep saying “I love you” as much as you do. It never gets old, and is one of the best things that you can teach your children. To love openly, vulnerably, and constantly.

All images courtesy of PhotoDonuts. Click photos for direct credits.


This totally makes up for those tomatoes she hurled at my face earlier today. Is there anything more presh than finding your toddler reading quietly to herself?

Answer: No, there is not.


Um, why am I lying in snow again?

Because daddy does it.


It feels so good when it hits your lips, but then makes your face so cold and red. Like daddy’s.


This snowy family.


The newfie comes out in our super mutt when she hits the snow.

Hanna in the Snow from Ashley Cart on Vimeo.