No Sew Fleece Blanket

by Ashley Weeks Cart

The other morning I woke up and let the dogs out and I could feel the change in season. That moment when you sense the richer, more golden tones of the sun and the bite in the air that signals the end of summer and the beginning of fall.

Fall is by far my most favorite time of year, something I missed dearly while living in the land of perpetual summer. Cozy sweaters. The smell of burning leaves. The painted mountains of oranges, and golds, and reds. Hot apple cider. Knitting with purpose. And football.

Now that I’m back in my collegiate motherland, I’ll be attending every home football game and cheering joyously on the sidelines bedecked in purple and gold and all things cow. (Hey, we may be a small school, but we are dang proud of our mascot). So today’s DIY is a simple homage to this impending chilly season: The DIY No Sew Blanket. That’s right NO sewing, and wouldn’t you know that fleece is made from recycled plastic bottles! So go cozy up in the bleachers with a no-sew blankie, a mug of hot cider, and cheer your face off!

– 2 pieces of fleece fabric in the colors or patterns of your choice. The pieces should be slightly larger than you’ll want the finished blanket to be. I used a basic piece of yellow fleece, and a waffled piece of purple fleece to add some texture to the blanket.
– Scissors
(Yeah, it’s so simple that even our mother made some of these for Christmas gifts a couple holidays back, and she is the antithesis of crafty).

1. Begin by laying the two pieces of fleece on top of one another, and lining up the edges precisely. Then cut out the corners of the blanket, approximately 4″x4″ squares. Be sure to cut through both layers of fabric.

2. Next, you’ll cut “fringe” around the perimeter of the fabric. Space the cuts approximately 1.5″ apart, and cut approximately 4″ deep. Be sure that you are cutting through both pieces of fabric.

3. Once you have cut around the entire perimeter of the fabric, begin knotting the two pieces of fabric together using double knots. (Kimmy and I, as sailors, would recommend learning the square knot, but it is certainly not necessary).

4. Once the knotting is complete, you’re done! Go snuggle up in the bleachers, or under an apple orchard!

Photos: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart