The fact that someone found this blog by searching “youtube gay hot man” is either really really troubling or really really flattering.

by Ashley Weeks Cart

James blames this post. Touché, James.

Either way, this weekend was like a gay hot man – sticky and sweet and delightful and I should probably stop myself…

It was spent with dear friends and was a beautiful reminder of why we moved back east. The majority of the afternoon was spent on the back patio introducing the babe to old college buddies and sipping lemonade while Ursa rammed everyone in the crotch.


And, for the record, 18 kittens did NOT in fact perish as we received word that Hanna (the Newfie/black lab mix) is officially ours. We bring her home Tuesday – and a fence has been built to avoid situations like this and this.

Bring on the chaos! And tag team crotch-ramming!