Silk Scarf Pillow Case

by Ashley Weeks Cart

I can’t help but drool over a silky smooth Hermés scarf – but honestly, given my slobbery tendencies and my lack of extra dollars (LOTS of extra dollars), ownership of one just isn’t in the cards. It’s probably for the best given that silk and drool don’t mix under any circumstances. And for this reason, I bring you the Upcycled Silk Scarf Pillow. This beauty isn’t for sleeping, but for accenting rooms with elegance and style. If you’ve got a stack of old scarves shoved in a drawer, especially if they’re stained and never see the light of day, it’s time to reinvent their loveliness. Or if you don’t have such a stash, head on over to a local thrift store and pick one up on the cheap! Throw pillows never looked better!

Silk scarf
Fusible interfacing to strengthen scarf
Fabric scrap for backing
Sewing machine
Pillow insert

1. To strengthen your scarf, fuse it to a piece of fabric with double-sided fusible interfacing and an iron.

2. For the envelope style backing, cut out two squares of your backing fabric that are 1 inch wider than your pillow. Make sure to cut enough so that they overlap by 2 to 3 inches after you’ve sewn a 1 inch hem on the side.
3. Overlap the two pieces and pin together so they create a square that is 1 inch larger than your pillow all the way around.
4. With right sides together, sew the top scarf piece to the envelope pillow backing all the way around.
5. Turn right side out and insert your pillow.

Photo: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart