Button Necklace

by Ashley Weeks Cart

Looking to entertain your wardrobe with some new accessories? What better way to play with your style than to create your own upcycled button necklace? Children and adults alike will approve!

An assortment of buttons – big, small, colorful, decorated, etc.
Embroidery thread
Thin needle
Scissors to trim thread

1. Using your pile of buttons, pick a mixed group, pairing little and small, and colors of your choosing.
2. Lay out the buttons in the order you’d like to see them on the necklace.
3. Thread a long strand of thread in the color of your choice.
4. Attach one part of clasp to end of thread.
5. Use the needle to thread the strand through two holes of each button; make sure to move each button to end of strand so as to stack them one on top of the other.
6. Once all the buttons are threaded and the necklace is at your length of preference, attach second piece of clasp.

Now everyone will know who’s got the button(s)! YOU!

Photo: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart