Calendar Envelopes

by Ashley Weeks Cart

Not sure what to do with last year’s calendar? Or all those freebies you receive from your Alma Mater and the bank? Why, recycle them into pretty envelopes and send out some good old fashioned snail mail, of course! So flip back through all of your previous social engagements and then pick some special friends to reconnect with!

Old calendars
Envelope (to create template)
Cardboard (old cereal box works great!)
Glue stick

1. Create your envelope template by unfolding an envelope and tracing against a piece of cardboard.
2. Cut out cardboard template.
3. Place template onto your calendar sheets (picture side down so that you are drawing on the actual calendar) and trace with a marker or pen.
4. Cut out outlines.
5. Fold all flaps in accordingly.
6. Glue sides.
7. Pull out your address book and send some snail mail, made with love (for Mama Earth!)

In this digital age, who doesn’t love a handwritten letter, especially one with such a personalized mailer?!

Photo: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart