Circle Scarf

by Ashley Weeks Cart

The circle scarf has been the IT fashion accessory this winter season, offering tons of tubular styling options. Gone round and round about whether or not to drop dollars on essentially a scrap of cotton fabric? It couldn’t be more simple (or inexpensive) to make your own circle scarf out of an over-sized men’s T-shirt. Grab a pair of scissors and go loopy!

XXL Men’s T-shirt (with NO side seams)
Pair of scissors

1. Find a super soft, super big XXL men’s T-shirt with NO seams along the sides.
2. Fold the T-shirt in half length-wise to help you cut out your scarf.
3. First, cut a straight line along the bottom hem.
4. Then, cut a straight line just under the armpits of the T-shift (see diagram below).
5. Finally, experiment to your heart’s content with this versatile fashion accessory.

Truly, it’s that simple. No need for loopholes, well, except the one that you’re making.

Photo: Courtesy of Ashley Weeks Cart